Cleaning out the attic [Kit George]

Cleaning out the attic [Kit George]

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Well all, I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, and I thought I would share some fun with you, from an exercise we're going through to clean up the libraries before we ship. Of course, we're pretty aggressive about ensuring that we get a bunch of clean APIs (and of course, the odd thing slips through), but every so often, there's the odd item which stands out, and you wonder how it ever got in there in the first place.

The following are member, parameter, or type names that were in the public API set, which obviously, you won't get to see when we ship:

  • UsedByApplictions
  • RemoveAssocations
  • AliasDerefencingProblem
  • DereferceConnection
  • CreateBadDeriveationException
  • RelativeExpiraton
  • Foo (that's right, there's a member called Foo somewhere in the library)
  • Literal: "'Ack! Programming Error! I don't know what the default XML value for ______ is!'"

A few fingers getting away on people methinks.

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