Play the CLR acronym game! [Brad Abrams]

Play the CLR acronym game! [Brad Abrams]

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One of my pet peeves is seeing people use obscure managed code related terms incorrectly.  So, I thought I’d make a little game out of it… Can you match the term to their usage correct?



  1. CLR
  2. CLS
  3. CTS
  4. CLI
  5. CER



Fill in the blank:

  1. The __ is a contract between language vendors and framework authors that allows languages to work with the framework. 
  2. ECMA and ISO standardize the __.
  3. The __ manages the execution of your code.
  4. This .NET Framework 2.0 feature known as __s  allows you to specify a constrained subset of your code that the runtime can provide stronger execution guarantees.
  5. The fact that generics work for both value types and reference types is a feature of the __.



Any one got a guess?  Extra credit if you can provide the expiation for the acronym and link to a valid usage on the web. 


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