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August, 2005

  • BCL Team Blog

    What's under the hood? [Ariel Weinstein]

    Well, I tried to solicit email from you with any cool ideas you have for Collections, ServiceProcesses, and Diagnostics, but that front has been a bit quiet. Thats quite ok though, because there is something else I would like to touch on today. My main...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Hello from an intern [Marek Olszewski]

    I just thought I would say hi to the outside world. I’m an SDE intern here in the BCL working on two new features for all to enjoy: Pipe Streams and Memory Mapped Files (that’s right, I do more than just get people coffee [;)] ). The plan is to release...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Hi From the New Guy [Ariel Weinstein]

    This Friday marks the end of my first week here as a program manager on the BCL team, and the areas which I will be overseeing are System.Collections , System.ServiceProcesses , as well as part of System.Diagnostics . Soon enough I will be able to cover...
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