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October, 2005

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    Timing out a request to start a process... [Fernando Vicaria]

    This is another post to quickly cover an question that I saw recently on one of our usergroups... How do we create a process and "wait" for it begin running for a finite amount of time and if the process is not up and running until then timeout the...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Performance tips for using resources [David Gutierrez]

    The most expensive parts of reading resources are probing for satellite assemblies and deserializing objects. The more you can avoid having the ResourceManager do either of those two tasks, the faster your resource reads will be. In this post I'll cover...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Job Available on the CLR Documentation Team!

    We get a lot of suggestions on how to improve our documentation. it's certainly an area we take seriously, and plan on investing a lot of time and effort in in the upcoming releases of the .NET Framework. There's an opportunity to be a part of this...
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    Pseudo-processes... [Fernando Vicaria]

    The .NET Framework Process class let's you access various aspects (or properties) of a system process. Among these properties are things like the process id (or pid), the process name and the modules (.dll or .exe) it loads. This blog entry, my first...
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    How long will it wait? [Fernando Vicaria]

    This posting will touch once again the Process class and the WaitForInputIdle method. This method contains 2 overloads, one that takes no parameters and another one that will take an int as its single parameter. The confusion will start exactly here...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Using CodeDom's CodeEntryPointMethod [David Gutierrez]

    For anyone wanting to generate an entry point using CodeDom, there's a type called CodeEntryPointMethod. In VB, it generates the familiar Public Shared Sub Main() . However, CodeEntryPointMethod is limited in that most providers do not support setting...
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