What if we gave you $100 to spend? [Krzysztof Cwalina]

What if we gave you $100 to spend? [Krzysztof Cwalina]

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The BCL team is starting to plan our next release. Is there any base API that if you’d heard we were working on you’d say “I can’t wait to get the next version of the Framework”? Any basic data structures? Any Win32 functionality that we don’t currently expose in the Framework and you can’t live without? Any APIs that other frameworks have and you miss them in the .NET Framework?


Tell us how you would distribute hypothetical $100 to fund the features. For example, this is what I would do if my car manufacturer asked me this question:

  1. The ability to wirelessly upload music to the car’s stereo system ($60)
  2. More torque ($30)
  3. Beep when I lock the car ($5)
  4. Larger trunk ($5)
  • Today, I learned an intersting (and very important) lesson about building a framework. I was in a meeting...
  • What I would like is more CLR related than BCL but nontheless

    20$ Generics : Operator constraints
    40$ Generics : Templated Inheritance
    10$ Vector Math lib (non DirectX)
    30$ Remove sealed keyword from System.Data clases
  • Well, I'll put my 100$ on making the System.IO Namespace, especially the Reader/Writer Classes Cleaner.
  • I'll spend every of my 100$ on making STL/CLR instead of BCL stuff.

    BCL is not standardized in its implementation.
    Where's the ReadOnlyDictionary class ? Why ReadOnlyCollection inherits form IList? Why thinks among collection are not symetrics?Whenever you use a container, you have to learn many new tricks, algorithms and every thing that miss must be implemented on the side. I wonder how different ReadOnlyDictionary class exist.

    STL from the C++ world use to be fully standardized for the container and the algorithm. One algorithm works the same way for every container that support its underlying functions.

    Probably BCL have the same overall functionnality but it is package in one the ugliest way I ever see. It is a shame I have to use it the way it is organized.
  • I've had this come up in conversations in the past (and it's been on feedback for almost 3 years now

  • I've had this come up in conversations in the past (and it's been on feedback for almost 3 years

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