Set Collection [Ryan Byington]

Set Collection [Ryan Byington]

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So the BCL thinking of implementing a set collection for a future release and we would like to get you our blog reading public opinion on what scenarios are important to you for a Set collection. The collection will likely have the standard ICollection<T> APIs like Add, Remove, Clear, and Count and we would likely support the following scenarios:

Test for membership (ie does element A exist in set T)

Test for subset (ie is set T a subset of set U)





But what other functions should a Set collection be able to perform?

  • Extending the set to different providers? Basically somehow to figure it it exits/add etc

    Set a = new SetFactory("MY DB");
    if(!("User" isAnElementOf a))

    helps for DB/file related programing styles with providers.
  • Thanks for all of the great feedback. We will take all of your feedback into consideration in the design. This has been a big help.

    To answer DJ's questions yes, we are considering multiset analogous to STL's class for a future release.
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