Hi From the New Guy [Justin Van Patten]

Hi From the New Guy [Justin Van Patten]

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This is my first week here as a program manager on the BCL team at Microsoft and what a week it’s been!  I have to say, this team rocks!  Everyone has been incredibly kind, welcoming, friendly, and patient with me as I get up to speed and learn the ropes.  So thank you!


I’ll be working on the following areas of the BCL: IO, Collections, and RegularExpressions.  I’ll also be working on some security items.  So if anyone has any comments, questions, or feature requests for these areas, leave me a comment.


Before coming to Microsoft, I was a regular reader of the BCLTeam WebLog, so it is a wonderful experience for me to be able to contribute to it!  I’m looking forward to writing more here in the future.



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