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May, 2011

  • BCL Team Blog

    Aligning Numbers on the Decimal Separator [Ron Petrusha]


    The .NET Framework composite formatting feature supports options such as right or left alignment. However, some advanced alignment options are not supported. For instance, composite formatting does not support aligning numeric values in a field on their decimal points. However, this kind of alignment can be easily implemented. This blog post illustrates two alternative approaches to implementing decimal point alignment.

  • BCL Team Blog

    Unexpected effects of the RegEx SET operator [Greg]


    Regular Expressions (RegEx) are a powerful tool for searching for text that matches specific patterns, but it is also a complex tool that requires care and attention to detail. There are many caveats to using RegEx.
    Here, I would like to briefly talk about a common caveat when using RegEx: the set operator [ ] and its effect on the contained tokens...

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