Our Blog has Moved

Our Blog has Moved

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As you may have noticed, we’ve started to blog most of our announcements on the .NET blog. As of today, we are officially merging the BCL blog with the .NET blog.

Originally, the .NET blog was the CLR’s team blog. Back in those days, we’ve basically split the content according to feature area: runtime features go to the CLR blog, managed features go to the BCL blog. After a few years we’ve figured out that this split doesn’t really help.

First of all many features span several layers so trying to split is often quite arbitrary.

Secondly, it didn’t give us a good venue to talk about .NET as a product. Thus, we’ve decided to rename the CLR Team blog into the .NET blog. Since then, we haven’t stopped talking about runtime features, for example we blogged about garbage collector improvements. We also blogged about features that could be considered runtime or class library features, for example the new reflection APIs or the new profile for Windows Store apps.

More importantly though: we’ve started to blog about broader areas as well, for example how the deployment is optimized for users and developers, what work we do for compatibility and even the fact that C# was considered the language of the year.

However, this will not change the tone nor the content we provide. We’ll continue to talk about interesting design points, for example immutable collections.


In case you haven’t please subscribe to the .NET Blog. This is where we will publish our blog posts moving forward. However, for reference purposes and in order not to break any links, we’ll not delete this blog.

See you there!

  • There is a problem with Microsoft.Bcl.Build.1.0.7.

    Nuget package adds <Import Project="..\packages\Microsoft.Bcl.Build.1.0.7\tools\Microsoft.Bcl.Build.targets" /> to csproj file. In a situation when the solution is under source control and packages directory is not commited (good practice - there is no neet to commit them) then if you get new copy from the repository and try to build it (also restore packages) then you get the following:

    - project cannot be loaded because Microsoft.Bcl.Build.targets is missing

    - nuget packages cannot be restored because project is not loaded

    Edit by Immo Landwerth [MSFT]: Have a look at this blog post that describes the improvements we made for package restore. We've also published a walkthrough on how to set up package restore with Team Build here.

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