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  • Blog Post: Inner Workings of Immutable Collections on Channel 9

    After introducing immutable collections three months ago, it’s now time to peek behind the curtain. What did we learn from the preview? How do they work? What trade-offs did we make? Are they different from persistent data structures ? Those are the kind of questions we’ll cover in the...
  • Blog Post: Update to Immutable Collections

    Thanks a lot for your great feedback! Two months ago, we shipped a NuGet package with support for immutable collections . We’ve also talked about it on Channel 9 . Since then we received feedback through various channels and we’re happy to announce we shipped an update on NuGet that addresses...
  • Blog Post: Immutable Collections is on Channel 9

    Recently we were interviewed by Erik Meijer for Channel 9 . We talked about our preview of immutable collections and answered several questions that were being asked on the Channel 9 post about immutable collections . Tune in and enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Preview of Immutable Collections Released on NuGet

    Over the last years .NET added many features to make writing multithreaded applications easier. This includes the Task Parallel Library (TPL) as well as the new async/await keywords features to reduce the friction when writing asynchronous code. However, it’s still challenging to keep mutable state...
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