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  • Blog Post: Update to HttpClient and Automatic Decompression

    Two weeks ago, we published a beta of HttpClient that provides support for automatic decompression. Since then, we’ve received a fair amount of feedback, especially around the fact that it relies on a native implementation of compression that isn’t available on the same platforms as HttpClient...
  • Blog Post: Portable Compression and HttpClient Working Together

    Today we’re happy to announce that we released two NuGet packages: A brand new Microsoft.Bcl.Compression (Beta) . A portable compression library that supports stream based compression (gzip, deflate) as well as ZIP archives. An updated Microsoft.Net.Http 2.2 (Beta) . Last week we shipped...
  • Blog Post: Portable HttpClient is now available as RTM

    As promised in our last blog post we’re releasing Microsoft.Net.Http as a stable NuGet package today. Yep, that’s right: You can finally start using the portable HttpClient 2.1 in production! Want to read more? We've posted our announcement to the .NET Blog .
  • Blog Post: Portable HttpClient is now available as RC

    Three months ago we shipped the first preview of the portable HttpClient . Many of you wondered when we would ship the RTM version. Today, we’re happy to announce the first step towards an RTM: We shipped a release candidate (RC) of HttpClient ( Microsoft.Net.Http package on NuGet ) that includes...
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