This page is about the Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow package. For more details please refer to the official MSDN documentation.

Release Notes

Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.23

  • Updated to stable, no other changes

Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.22-beta

  • Fixed issue resulting in ActionBlock<T> stopping when its Bounded Capacity is reached.

Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.20

  • Updated to stable, no other changes

Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.19-beta

  • Added Windows Phone 8.1 support

 Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.16-alpha

  • Added Windows Phone 8.0 support

 Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.14

  • Announcement
  • Updated license to remove Windows-only restriction

Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.11

  • Minor branding update


  • Fixed bug that thorws when we connect EncapsulateBlock with a TargetBlock


  • Added support for consuming nuget package from Portable Library project
  • Platforms that are supported are Windows Store Apps and .Net 4.5


  • Updated version information to .NET 4.5 RTM
  • Added symbol package
  • Updated branding to say "Windows Store Apps" instead of "Metro style apps"