Today we are announcing a set of new tools to assist you in developing Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager solutions and customizing BCM for you and your customers.  This is part of an overall push to the Development Community to assist in the development of add-ons and customizations for Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager.  More tools and aids will be available in the future, as this effort gathers steam.  BCM Developers now have at their disposal:

1.       A separate and dedicated News Group for development-centric discussions and issues.  This News Group will be monitored by the BCM Product Group so that your issues and questions can get resolved in a timely manner.  The newsgroup is microsoft.public.outlook.bcm.developers.

2.       A dedicated mailbox for BCM Developers that is monitored by the BCM Product Group where you can send specific questions and issues that you may not want to share with the public News Group.  The e-mail address for this is “”.

3.       The BCM Team Blog on MSDN Blogs.  This is where common themes and issues raised in the community will be gathered and publicized.  From time to time we will be publishing articles specifically targeted towards the Development Community.  The Blog is

4.       The BCM area on MSDN.  Here we provide information and tools to assist your development efforts.  It will be expanded upon in the future as we move on to incorporate more sample code, white papers and instructions.  The MSDN area for BCM is

5.       A dedicated Live Webcast every other month where specific topics and issues will be addressed.  Guest Speakers from within the Product Group and from within the Development Community will present topics that help you succeed in developing add-ons for BCM and customizing your BCM installations.  A pilot event was held today, and a link to the materials presented will be provided shortly to the BCM Developers News Group.  The next event will take place in June and information will be announced to the Developer News Group when available.

We in the BCM Product Group are very excited about this push to assist the BCM Development Community.