It's been a while since I posted here. I just wanted to give some update on upcoming service pack. For the last several months team has been busy troubleshooting and fixing the issues in BCM 2007 reported by you. In parallel to this, we have been working on developing exiciting new features for our next big release of BCM. It is too early to talk about what will be in next BCM and when we will release it. However, I can say that we have seriously taken the feedback from our customers and tried to address lot of it by adding exciting new features.

Our upcoming release is Service Pack 1 (SP1) for BCM 2007. Many of you have patiently been waiting for migrating from newer version of ACT! (8.0, 9.0). We have addressed the ACT! data migration issues in SP1. Additionally, we have fixed major functionality issues reported by customers and improved the stability by fixing the issues that you report by submitting those crash reports. We do ananlyze alll that crash data and try to fix 70-80% of the crashes. So keep sending those error reports.

We are hoping to make the service pack publicly available through automatic update before Christmas. Please look out for the post here when we are closer to the release date.