One of the things I love about working at Microsoft is the number of specialized roles that work together to bring the power of software to the world.  We have engineers, salespeople, technical specialists, technical evangelist and many more roles; each one playing an important part in our mission.  But one broad categorization that we all understand to be true is that there are people who work in the home office and people who work in the field.  People who work in the home office are at the core of our business.  They are the leaders and visionaries who chart our course, the product teams that build our software offerings and the infrastructure that keeps us running.  People who work in the field offices are in a different, but no less important realm.  I call us the “front line” workers.  We work directly with customers, developers, architects and IT professionals.

clip_image001Microsoft could not have achieved the success it has without both groups, but I have a special affection for our field staff.  This is due in part to the fact that I have been a part of the field organization for over 5 years, but is also due to the fact that we work with our customers on a daily basis.  People at the Microsoft’s home office certainly understand the challenges you face as you run your business, but we in the field have the privilege of working side-by-side with many of you to experience those challenges first hand, and that counts for a lot.

On December 12th, two of our premier “front liners” will release a book that makes the most of our unique insight into our customers.  Silverlight 2 Recipes by Jit Ghosh and Rob Cameron does more than simply explain how to write Silverlight applications.  It presents specific problems and shows how Silverlight can be used to solve them.  It is a tremendous accomplishment and should be on every serious Silverlight developer’s bookshelf.  Their examples are drawn from years of experience on the “front lines” of the Microsoft business.  Congratulations to Jit and Rob for putting their experience in the field to great use for Silverlight developers.

Do yourself a favor and preorder a copy now.  I have.

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