Ok, so I have a friend who I follow on Twitter and recently I noticed that she (the goddesslike Asli Bilgin) was automatically forwarding her Facebook status updates to Twitter.  Each post was preceded by “Book of Faces” which is really, really Asli-like, so I checked it out and sure enough she has brilliantly set it up that way.

To me this is the coolest thing ever because one of the things that annoys me about posting online content is how many places you can post it and how many times you have to do it if you want to reach the greatest number of people.  Let’s say something happens to you that you feel like sharing.  Do you Tweet on Twitter?  Post it on your work blog?  Your personal blog?  Update your Facebook status?  Post on your MySpace or LiveSpace page?  It’s a real pain.

That’s why I place high value on anything that lets me post in one place and then automatically replicate that post to other landing spots, and it’s what RSS and ATOM were made for.

So, I decided that I was going to start small by copying Asli.  I wanted to make all my Facebook status posts automatically feed my Twitter posts.  To do this via RSS, I needed two things.

  1. A way to update my Twitter posts via RSS feed
  2. The RSS feed for my Facebook status updates

Step one was easy.  Twitterfeed is a site that will take RSS feeds and send them to a Twitter account.  You can set up new accounts for each feed, but for now I am sending them all to my current Twitter account.  When setting up your feed, you specify:

  • Logon credentials for a Twitter account
  • Your Facebook RSS Feed URL
  • Other details about how you want your feed to be sent



For my Facebook feed, I decided to send the title of the post and a description with a link to the post itself shortened with TinyURL.  I also prefixed each post with “Dave Facebook Status” to let those following my tweets know where these were coming from.

Step 2, the step you would THINK would be simple, was pretty time consuming.  Facebook, for some reason, makes it very difficult to find the RSS feed for your own posted status updates.  After some searching and digging, I was able to find the URL.  Be sure you are signed into Facebook and paste the following URL into your address bar:

You’ll see a page showing “Your Mini-Feed” with a button at the bottom right that looks like this:


Click the button and you’ll go to your RSS feed page.  Copy the URL and use it in the “RSS Feed URL” box at Twitterfeed. 


That’s it!  BTW, this works for ANY feed, including this blog, and ATOM works as well as RSS:



Now go feed your Twitter!