MSDN Freedom Roadshow in Pittsburgh, PA

Hey all.  The MSDN Freedom Roadshow has already rolled through Scranton and Pittsburgh and the next stop is Harrisburg, PA!  These events are proving to be a great way to keep up with technology innovations that developers need and employers want.  The Roadshow this fall is focusing on an application we are building to help us run our events.  Throughout the day, we will be testing the technologies we’ve chosen to build it with and showing you how to use them yourselves.  Sessions are:

· UI, UX, U Confused? – WinForms?  WPF?  Silverlight?  Windows Mobile?  LiveMesh?  There are so many ways to go for application UIs.  In this session, I’ll help you navigate the crowded UI waters to decide on the right implementation for your project and gets us started with a high-level design of our event runner program.

· Exploring the ADO.NET Entity Framework – Viewing individuals as objects is a bad idea, but viewing data as objects is all the rage!  Find out why this sometimes controversial approach could be the OORDB answer for your project and see how we use it in our own application to conceptualize our data layer.

· Implementing RESTful Services with WCF 3.5 – Are you RESTless?  Well you shouldn’t be, as Dani explains in this talk.  We want to expose our application’s API as REST-based service calls and Dani shows us, and you, how.

· Windows Presentation Foundation Demystified – WPF is definitely not your father’s application UI.  You’ll find out why as you watch Lindsay build a WPF interface from the ground up.  There’s no better place to go for a solid understanding  of how the eye candy gets made in WPF.

· A Developer’s Guide to Internet Explorer 8 – IE8 is now in beta and some of you may be checking it out already as a user.  In this session, Dani will show you how you as a Web developer can leverage the new features in IE8 to differentiate yourself and your Web application from the crowd.

We’re also giving away 3 copies of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition and I’m pretty sure there’s pizza in the mix somewhere too.

Seats are limited so register now!  I hope to see you there.