Microsoft acquired a voice search company called TellMe in March 2007.  Now, almost 2 years later, I still find people who have never experienced the service so I thought I’d post about it.  TellMe is the worlds largest VoiceXML platform.  There is both a consumer and business version of TellMe. The consumer version can be accessed free of charge at 800-555-TELL. It gives everything from driving directions to business addresses to stock quotes to sport scores. Very useful service, and one you can give a try right now for free.  :)  You can also use TellMe by texting with your mobile phone.  Try this:

Text to : 83556
Message: Borders Boston MA

This is more than just a nifty thing to try out.  TellMe also has a development tool you can use to build your own VoiceXML applications and a free hosting platform for low volume apps.  Check out the developer experience at