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Discussion and explanation relating to the Transactional NTFS feature coming in Longhorn, plus any other interesting anecdotes...

April, 2005

  • Because we can

    Slashing your wrists at the cutting edge

    One of the things I've had to get used to at Microsoft is operating with cutting-edge code. By that I mean, somebody just changed it yesterday, new things are going in, plus fixes, and on such a large codebase, problems do happen. A couple of...
  • Because we can

    Pitfalls with Inherited Transactions

    Yesterday I demonstrated how a Transaction can be inherited by processes. This means that a process never designed for Transactions can run in a Transacted mode. Clearly, this has profound implications. Some applications may exhibit odd or unexpected...
  • Because we can

    Transactional NTFS in action

    A strange thing happened to me yesterday. I went to install an OS X update to my iMac. The update failed midway through, and this left my machine in an unbootable state. The truth is that it could have been Windows, or a Windows product, that did the...
  • Because we can

    What scenarios can Transactional NTFS be used for?

    This question seemed so good I thought I'd answer it in a whole new blog post :) As always, it'd be great to see software developers impress me and find new uses for this technology that I haven't foreseen. I can't tell developers how to write...
  • Because we can

    Me, Microsoft, and Transactional NTFS

    I started here at Microsoft a little over three months ago. It's been an amazing transition from self-confessed "GNU hippy" to now, and has been more than a mild culture shock. The good news is that Seattle has far better weather than it's reputed to...
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