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Discussion and explanation relating to the Transactional NTFS feature coming in Longhorn, plus any other interesting anecdotes...

May, 2005

  • Because we can

    Transactional Readership

    Firstly, apologies for not updating this more frequently. I haven't wanted to post about things until they're bug-free, just to be certain I'm not talking about something that won't work for you. So far, I've shown transactional writers. In these...
  • Because we can

    Good article describing Transactional NTFS at a conceptual level

    Recently, The NT Insider published an article entitled Don't be Afraid to Commit -- The Transactional Filesystem (TxFS) in Windows . The article deserves mention for a number of reasons, mainly because it's a really good conceptual explanation of what...
  • Because we can

    Wonderful morning =)

    Some time ago my manager told me that I'd be one of three people maintaining the Windows builds used in our group, and this week is when I'm supposed to do that. For those non-Microsofties, or at least, people outside the Windows group, Windows...
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