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Discussion and explanation relating to the Transactional NTFS feature coming in Longhorn, plus any other interesting anecdotes...

June, 2005

  • Because we can

    Trustworthy Computing through Trustworthy Practices

    Today I read a newsgroup post by an academic at my former university, who I know reasonably well, and who I used to work for. In that post, he talks about things that Microsoft has done to him, and how he views Microsoft today; the fact that the subject...
  • Because we can

    Transactional Registry

    I confess: I'm breaking the first rule of blogging and talking about something I know nothing - literally, nothing - about. When I first started this blog, lots of people were asking about Transactional Registry support. I guess somebody in MS agreed...
  • Because we can

    Apple on Intel?

    At the moment, I'm finding it really hard to concentrate on work, so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Readers of this blog will recall that I have an iMac, that I've done a fair bit of Apple development prior to moving to MS, and those...
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