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October, 2006

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I'm an SDET in the Connected Systems Division. The Calendar Printing Aassistance for Office is the first public product to be released from our group and is available with Office12.

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    So You Want a Job at Microsoft

    This week I was on campus at Drexel looking for interns and college hires. It was my first time doing recruiting for Microsoft, and overall I was happy with the way the event went. There were a wide variety of students who visited the booth. Some were...
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    .NET 3.0 - Alphabet Soup

    The .NET 3.0 Framework is right around the corner and with it comes WPF, WCF, WWF, and WCS. While there are no updates to the existing 2.0 framework, these four technologies should make life a bit easier for the developer. But first there is some learning...
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    IE7 Today

    IE7 is available for free download today ! About five months ago, I made the switch from that other browser to IE7. I'm very impressed with the overall look, feel, performance, and security. Channel9 posted an interview with the Internet Explorer team...
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