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November, 2006

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I'm an SDET in the Connected Systems Division. The Calendar Printing Aassistance for Office is the first public product to be released from our group and is available with Office12.

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    Video Encoding for the Zune

    Since I'm working on a 4.5 year old PC at home, I find the automatic Zune video transcoding a bit slow. I was able to figure out some Zune compatible settings for Windows Media Encoder and I've tweaked them to run a bit faster (probably at the expense...
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    Local.Live.Com Update

    When Microsoft launched their own online mapping tool , I tried it once and never looked back. As of today, the online mapping service now supports 3D views! This type of 3D functionality previously required you to use that other company's downloaded...
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    Positive Press for CPAO

    The Calendar Printing Assistant for Office reviews are starting to hit the press. "In short, printing remains one of Outlook's weaker areas, but perhaps Microsoft's development of the Calendar Printing Assistant heralds a new awareness of the existing...
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