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August, 2007

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I'm an SDET in the Connected Systems Division. The Calendar Printing Aassistance for Office is the first public product to be released from our group and is available with Office12.

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    Default ASP.NET Button

    In my previous life as an ASP.NET ninja, I had a request from a client to use the enter button to submit a form. It turns out to be a little bit tricky until you find the magic code. Today I was the same question and found the answer after a quick Live...
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    Windows Live SkyDrive was updated today. It's a place to store 500MB of files for free. I signed up for the open beta and I'm currently uploading files. So far I love the UI (and the name!) All the traffic is encrypted via SSL and you can set the permissions...
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    1080P From the XBox360?

    Whenever a conversation about HD and the 360 comes up, I see a ton of confusion about which outputs give you 1080p. Hopefully this handy chart from DanielN will help to answer a few questions. Xbox 360 connected using component DVD’s via HD-DVD drive...
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    Could Not Find Backup Devices

    That's the error I was presented with on my clean install of Vista today. I had everything set up nicely and wanted to create a backup image but I kept getting that error with error number 0x80070001. After a quick Live Search, I turned up an answer that...
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    Microsoft Fame

    Sometimes I think we should have geek trading cards. "I'll trade you a Don Box for your Chris Sells and a Bubble Tape." Maybe I'm just easily starstruck by famous geeks, but that's one thing that I haven't gotten tired of yet. When I joined the team,...
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    Miguel Llopis is an intern on our team this summer. He gave a presentation in our team meeting this afternoon about Channel8. I'm a fan of the work that has been done on Channel9 and Channel10 (shameless plug for my video at On10 ), but I hadn't heard...
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