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December, 2007

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I'm an SDET in the Connected Systems Division. The Calendar Printing Aassistance for Office is the first public product to be released from our group and is available with Office12.

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    Macro Defined Custom Outlook Search Folders

    I use the built-in Outlook "Sent Directly To Me" search folder as my hot items in Outlook. If my name is on the To or CC line for an email, it's probably something I want to look at fairly quickly. The problem is that I'm starting to get a lot...
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    Web Cam Time Lapse

    I've done a couple time lapse videos recently, and I think I'm becoming a bit of a time lapse fan. This latest app combines time lapse photography with the skiing web cams that I watch every day (via my Vista gadget !) The app watches a list of web cams...
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