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January, 2008

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About The Tech Blog of Ben Martens

I'm an SDET in the Connected Systems Division. The Calendar Printing Aassistance for Office is the first public product to be released from our group and is available with Office12.

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    Pulling a Facebook RSS Feed via .NET

    I wanted to add my Facebook status to my other blog which is running Community Server 2.0. All I needed to do was write a user control to pull the RSS feed and display the text. This seemed easy enough, but it turned out to be a little tricky. First I...
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    Email "Dump Button"

    Type type type type, send. AUGH! WAIT! NO! We've all had it happen. You click Send, type Alt-S or press Ctrl-Enter to send your message off, and 1.3 milliseconds later you realize that you sent it to the wrong person, had a typo, or forgot the attachment...
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