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November, 2011

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About The Tech Blog of Ben Martens

I'm an SDET in the Connected Systems Division. The Calendar Printing Aassistance for Office is the first public product to be released from our group and is available with Office12.

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    Using Data Explorer to Combine Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes

    I recently reactivated my Netflix subscription after having it on hold for a few months. I had a lot of movies built up in the queue and I was wondering which ones I should watch first. Netflix does offer recommendations based on what I’ve seen before...
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    Do Bicyclists Like Yogurt?

    It's so much fun to have material like these videos going out for our product! Here’s another new one to check out. Various other team members have also been doing some blogging. I’d specifically recommend that you check out Tim’s blog . He has been releasing...
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    New “Data Explorer” Video

    Our team has released another video! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before you can actually get your hands on some real bits. We’re cranking away on a couple more great features that we want to get into that first release. Don’t forget to check...
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