It’s now been one week since we first released Popfly Game Creator to the public at Maker Faire and on the web on May 2nd.  I thought I’d take today to point out some of the cool games that people have made. 

User zbuff001 made this challenging set of minigames:


while Adam made a pseudo-rhythm game “Type Type Revolution:


Raden managed to make “Badly Built Wall” very difficult:

Moo777 had a great game – Bellyjish Adventure with multiple stages:

Here’s an interesting one a bit along the lines of the old "Scorched Earth" type games that someone came up with at Maker Faire:


One of the great things about building PGC on the Popfly platform is the collaboration it provides.  Since the games are Popfly projects, users can share their games with others, which lets everyone learn from and tweak them.  It’s cool to see a variety of games coming both that make interesting tweaks on existing games and samples, and those that folks come up with all on their own.  It’ll be exciting to see what folks come up with after they’ve had more time with the creator. 

I’m sure there are plenty of great games that I missed.  If you have something you’d like to share, feel free to link it in the comments!


5/10/08 Update:  Bellyjish Adventure is back up, removed the embedded "Badly Built Wall" update since the sounds were annoying :).

5/10/08 Update:  Also removed the embedded Bellyjish Adventure since its sounds also were annoying :).  Both are linked instead.

9/01/09 Update:  Removed embeds now that is down, I’ve removed the embedded games.  If you downloaded your games before the shutdown, you can still host them on your own.