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October, 2008

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About The Right Moves

Hi!  This is my space for blogging about Popfly Game Creator - a tool designed so anyone can create their own web based game.  I'll post news, tips, tricks and tweaks that will help you create your own games.

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    Performance Tips (Part 2)

    Yesterday we began our discussion of performance optimizations in Popfly Game Creator .   In that post we discussed how collision detection impacts performance as you add actors and ways to mitigate that impact.  Today I’d like to talk a bit...
  • The Right Moves

    Twitter Feed Gadget

    I started playing around with Twitter recently and have been having a lot of fun.  Some of you may have noticed that I added a Twitter gadget to the blog sidebar here which allows readers to see my feed.  The block was created using the Popfly...
  • The Right Moves

    Performance Tips (Part 1)

    While we’re constantly working to improve the performance of the Popfly Game Creator , there are a number of tweaks you can make to your games right now to improve your users’ frame rate. Right now, there are two main bottlenecks for games created...
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