By now you’ve probably heard the sad news that come August, will be shutting down.  You can read more about the details here.  While we’ll miss the site and working on it, the team has moved on to new and exciting projects which you’ll hear more about (here and elsewhere) as we get ready to talk about them. 

In the meantime, one of the big pieces of feedback we got from users was a strong desire to be able to save the projects they made on the site.  Unfortunately, that’s not really possible for a lot of project types as they depend heavily on services hosted on  However, Adam and I spent some time thinking about what could be done for game projects and this is what we came up with:


Basically, this app connects to, downloads your game and creates a Silverlight XAP you can use to run your game locally on your own machine.  There’s also an option to download all your shared games at once.  Details can be found here

I’m very glad we were able to get this out so people can save their hard work, not least of which because I have some games I want to save!  Please keep in mind this is something Adam and I did in our spare time (lots of Adam’s spare time – he created the nifty downloader app while I simply prepared a special version of the game engine that doesn’t require access to  There are undoubtedly a number of issues and it may or may not work on every game and on every computer.  Hopefully, in most cases it should “just work.” 

Happy Downloading!