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February, 2004

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This is where I attempt to regularly post about what I work on at Microsoft.

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    The button tag

    One of the more interesting tags that I have seen is the <BUTTON> tag. Most people have never seen this, and when they see how whidbey lets you edit them like a normal container, the first instinct is to say "What is up with that?". Well, these...
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    CSS Options

    One thing I have been thinking a lot about lately has been the multitude of ways that CSS can be applied to a document. You can have inline styles, you can have style elements in your page, you can have external style sheets, you can have styles applied...
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    F1R57 P057!!!!!

    So I finally got around to making a blog. One of my friends tells me that this is a big responsibility, because apparently people do not like it when the blog is not updated often enough. I will endeavor for that not to be the case with me. So what...
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