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January, 2006

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This is where I attempt to regularly post about what I work on at Microsoft.

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    IScrollInfo in Avalon part I

    Recently I invested the time to learn how to implement the IScrollInfo interface on a control in Avalon. This was an interesting learning experience, and since the existing documentation for this feature is not out in the wild yet, and I figure that people...
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    IScrollInfo in Avalon part III

    When we last left the application it had the appearance of something that could scroll, but exceptions were being thrown from unimplemented members left and right. This posting will help out with that. Let's look at the SetVerticalOffset method as...
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    IScrollInfo in Avalon part II

    At the end of the first part we have created a custom panel that implements IScrollInfo, but if you try to scroll we throw exceptions, and we cannot see the content. Since this is a Panel, we need to start seeing content so that we can scroll the content...
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    A break from our regular programming

    Have you ever tried to use UpdateTexture in D3D to push a texture from system memory to video memory? Maybe I am a bit dense, but my first interpretation of this page:
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