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May, 2006

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This is where I attempt to regularly post about what I work on at Microsoft.

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    IValueConverter in WPF data binding

    One of the handy things that you can do with data binding in WPF is that you convert the data as you pull it from the data source. The mechanism for this is the IValueConverter interface. Let's say that you have a list of numbers representing positions...
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    Spring Blog cleaning

    Whatever tiny readership I have has probably noticed that I have tried to clean up the blog a bit, fix up some links and post some new content. I even picked a spiffy new blog template. Hopefully the momentum can be kept up this time. My post count...
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    ItemsControl Customization

    One of the cool things about ItemsControls is that you get to separate the data binding and item control logic from the layout logic by specifying the Panel that you want to lay items out. There are two ways of specifying a Panel for an ItemsControl...
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    The ItemsControl paradigm

    So what is an ItemsControl anyway? I think that this might be one of the steeper learning curves coming from Win32 like I did, so I thought that I would write about it. An ItemsControl is a control that owns items, whether through a collection of them...
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    Responding to comments

    I just noticed that somebody asked an IScrollInfo question and I did not notice. I need to learn how to use the blogging software a little better :( The question was basically about when ScrollOwner is set and why there are so many duplicated properties...
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    And you think your calendar is full

    My boss sent me a screencap of his calendar today. This is why engineers don't want to become managers. :) My old boss used to have a full calendar too.
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