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July, 2006

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This is where I attempt to regularly post about what I work on at Microsoft.

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    2B0ST0N6 day one

    This is the first of my posts describing my experiences at SIGGRAPH 2006. I will try to have a post every day summarizing what I see. Everything here is my personal opinion. The first day of the conference is a little more low key than the other days...
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    Changing Panels and DataTemplates with ItemsControls in WPF/Avalon

    I have posted before about the philosophy behind the ItemsControl, and now I will pull together some concepts from previous posts. I will use the RadialPanel and some ValueConverter magic to show how we can take a ListBox (the most famous of the ItemsControl...
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    More advanced attached property use: the Ramora pattern

    I like to think of the technique I am about to demonstrate as the Ramora pattern - it allows you to attach a chunk of logic to any existing element that you have. The RadialPanel example showed an example of storing information on an element using...
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    Running a blog is hard

    I finally found the settings in my blog that allow me to keep track of comments. For some reason, I thought that it was set to notify me when I got comments and it was not. While I was there I found the old comments that I neglected to moderate and...
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    Attached properties - the basics

    One of the coolest features in Avalon is the property subsystem. While it might seem difficult for some that Avalon has a property system built on top of the normal CLR properties, the power that this system gives you is incredible and is part of why...
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