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August, 2006

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This is where I attempt to regularly post about what I work on at Microsoft.

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    2B0ST0N6 day five

    Note: This is *really* late in being posted, but I had work to catch up on when I got back :) The last day of SIGGRAPH 2006. I divided my time between papers and sketches, so there was a lot to push into my already overloaded and sleep deprived brain...
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    2B0ST0N6 day four

    The first thing that I saw on day four was the paper "Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D". It demonstrated a system for taking a collection of images that were taken in a similar area (such as in a town square), extracting features common...
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    2B0ST0N6 day three

    Today I tried to get an early start on the day by avoiding the infamous Boston Big Dig inspired traffic and walking to the convention center. It was a great route that took me past the Boston Common and through Chinatown, and past a very Bostonian train...
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    2B0ST0N6 day two

    The second day was very different to the first, with some papers being presented, a trip through the art gallery and the animation theatre at night. Due to some traffic snarling, I missed the first couple of papers in the morning (a situation that...
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