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August, 2012

  • benjamin perkins

    Modifying IIS 7 log data in Windows 2008

    Not all IIS logging properties are selected by default. Some of them, which are not selected by default can provide some valuable information when troubleshooting performance or availability issues. To modify the properties which IIS 7 logs, first...
  • benjamin perkins

    Recycling a worker process due to deadlock

    There are many reasons why an IIS worker process can hang. For example, a long running SQL query, searching through a Dictionary object, a non-optimal Regex command, hitting the limits of the process model configuration, etc… can all cause performance...
  • benjamin perkins

    Using !DumpThreadConfig (!dtc) within WinDbg

    I have written articles about how to capture a W3WP memory dump on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 . Once you have the memory dump, you need to analyze it to find out what is causing the problem. One command I use while analyzing a memory dump is !DumpThreadConfig...
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