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  • Blog Post: Using KUDU with Microsoft Azure Web Apps

    There is a nice set of troubleshooting and analysis tools for use with Microsoft Azure Web Apps (formerlly Web Sites) called KUDU. Information about that tool set can be found here . It is useful for capturing a memory dump, as explained here , looking at deployment logs, viewing configuration parameters...
  • Blog Post: How to capture a memory dump of a W3WP process that consumes too much CPU

    If you want to find out why a W3WP worker process is consuming so much CPU, you can use ProcDump . You might also use LogParser to look at the time-taken field, but to get to the root cause you will need to get deep into the source. Before you can get a memory dump, you need the PID of the worker process...
  • Blog Post: Using PowerShell 3.0 on Windows 8 to find the Process Id (PID) of an Application Pool

    With the release of Windows 8 Server comes a new version of PowerShell. You can check which version of PowerShell you are using by executing the command show in Figure 1. Figure 1, Which version of PowerShell am I using To get a list of application pools existing on the web server enter the...
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