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  • Blog Post: 500.19 when setting up WebDAV on a UNC File share

    I have written some instruction on how I setup a WebDAV installation that uses Windows Authentication and UNC here . An important concept to understand before you start setting up a WebDAV solution using this configuration is the difference in behavior when you are logged on and testing from the IIS...
  • Blog Post: Setting up WebDAV on IIS using Windows Authentication and a UNC, mapped drive or file share

    I have spent some hours setting up a solution defined in the title of this article. I want to make clear that there are numerous ways of configuring this and there are numerous Kerberos/Windows Authentication configuration possibilities based on different SPNs, IE Zones, Application Pool identities,...
  • Blog Post: Using Web Platform Installer on a server without internet access

    I was trying to setup a WebDAV installation that mapped to a UNC share and used Windows Authentication. I had to create a test domain with numerous servers in order to grant all the required permissions to get this setup to work. I had some problem with the initial step of this project because the servers...
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