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August, 2006

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About The Great Flying Tortoise

Ben Karas has been a developer working at Microsoft since 2003.  He hopes to write useful tidbits concerning the property system, Win32 C++ programming, and living in the Seattle area. 

I'll keep the rules simple:
 1. Use good judgement.
 2. See rule #1

All postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confer no rights. Opinions expressed are those of the respective authors. More legal stuff here.

  • The Great Flying Tortoise

    Trying out the property system

    You can, of course, wait for Windows Vista to ship before checking out the property system. But if you are curious or bored, here are a few other things you might do: Download the Windows Vista Platform SDK: The most recent Platform SDK . The SDK...
  • The Great Flying Tortoise

    What is a PROPERTYKEY?

    So what's this PROPERTYKEY that the property system uses? Where do I get them? Well, property keys identify the particular property you are interested in. You can find a bunch of system-provided definitions in the Windows Vista Platform SDK in propkey...
  • The Great Flying Tortoise

    Property consumerism

    Reading properties is rather simple. First, bind to the item. SHCreateItemFromIDList and SHCreateItemFromParsingName are appropriate for this. Then read your properties. Be sure to clean up after yourself. IShellItem2 *psi; if (SUCCEEDED(SHCreateItemFromParsingName...
  • The Great Flying Tortoise

    What is the property system?

    The property system is a new set of APIs for Microsoft Windows Vista that provides a general way to access metadata about files and items accessible through the shell namespace. This means you can ask for the dimensions of an image, or the size of a file...
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