At the launch events we're doing for Vista and Microsoft Office, we're giving away Office 2007 Professional to people who've registered and attended the sessions. Because I wanted to make sure it all worked, I took the resource disk that you get, and ran through the download and installation process.

I wanted to mention that you need to make sure to use the registration key that is in the cardboard case for the resource disk and NOT the trial key that you get from the web site.

So the steps to install and use the software are this:

Office 2007 Product Download Procedure

To install your copy of Office Professional 2007 and Office Groove 2007, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link below for the product you'd like to download and install - a new window will open.
  2. On the product page, click "Try now for FREE!".
  3. Log-in to Passport (Windows Live ID).
  4. Please provide Registration information and click "Continue".
  5. On the download page, click "Download Now". Please use the Product Key provided in the kit you received at the launch event to unlock your product. Disregard the trial Product Key presented on this page*.
  6. Product download times will vary.
  7. Once the download completes, click "Continue".

You will receive an email during the download process – please DISREGARD the Product Key in that email and ONLY use the Product Key provided in the kit you received at launch.