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March, 2010

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    3/22 - MSDN Radio with Pablo Castro

    Pablo Castro is an architect on the data tools team at Microsoft and an active speaker on the conference circuit talking about how to leverage the latest tools and techniques for working with your data. His current passion is the Open Data Services, formerly...
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    Where do you find out about events?

    Last week while I was in Des Moines I got a question from someone in my session asking why they hadn’t heard about the event we were doing on Visual Studio 2010. I thought that was odd since they made it to the event, but all kidding aside it brings up...
  • BenkoBLOG

    Announcing MSDN Radio – Going Live on Monday 3/22!

    msdn Radio – There’s a feed for that…sign up today! Space is limited   3/22/2010 with special guest Pablo Castro - Register to participate on the show 3/29/2010 with Tim Heuer, Mr. Silverlight. Register here It’s always better live…
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