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November, 2011

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    More Windows Azure Webcasts

    In case you’re interested here are the latest scheduled additions to the Windows Azure Boot Camp webcast series ( ). These include: 11/22 - SQL Azure and Windows Phone 11/29 -
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    Adding an RSS feed to a site or how to use the XMLDataSource and a Repeater

    I’ve been working on my demo site for wanted to add a feed to my blog from MSDN. I knew that Linq to XML can do processing of rss data (it is after all just XML, right?) and that I could create some queries in code to iterate thru the feed. But in the...
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    How to encrypt passwords in Web.confg

    In Windows Azure and especially with SQL Azure we need to store passwords to access things. I wanted to show how you can encrypt the web.config file by adding code to the global.asax file. The cool part of this is that using this technique you can secure...
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