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December, 2011

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    How to Convert from Number Seconds to Time String in SQL Server

    I’ve been working with a sample timer application on the Windows Phone to track our TechMasters meeting timings. In the user interface I capture the number of seconds that someone spoke, and I’d like to return the value of number seconds formatted as...
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    How to get to SQL Azure Query Performance Data

    This week there is a lot of announcements and excitement around Windows Azure and SQL Azure with the live event put on by Scott Guthrie, Mark Russinovich and Dave Campbell ( ), where they showed the great new enhancements...
  • BenkoBLOG

    Learn Windows Azure with the Scott Guthrie, Mark Russinovich and Dave Campbell

    On Tuesday this week Scott Guthrie ( @ scottgu ), is doing a live event to showcase Windows Azure and the latest in Cloud Development. The site has details on the schedule for the day and includes a Q&A session...
  • BenkoBLOG

    Announcing the New site!

    Today I’ve finally completed migration the content and links to webcasts, downloads and more from the original site I built as a developer resource in 2005 to a new version deployed in Azure . Originally deployed using DotNetNuke , the new site is built...
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