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  • Blog Post: Questions on Tuning SQL Queries

    Sometimes I get questions about how to get better performance from a database. In working with SQL Server over the years and now SQL Azure this is not an uncommon question. In SQL 2008 and beyond the tools include a Tuning Wizard, which is great, but it relies on capturing a realistic sample of the database...
  • Blog Post: How to Convert from Number Seconds to Time String in SQL Server

    I’ve been working with a sample timer application on the Windows Phone to track our TechMasters meeting timings. In the user interface I capture the number of seconds that someone spoke, and I’d like to return the value of number seconds formatted as a standard looking time string. In SQL Server there...
  • Blog Post: SQL 2008 Templates...a little more info

    Last week in Kansas City while presenting the New Features of SQL 2008 for Developers session of MSDN Unleashed we had some questions of whether this is a new feature in this release. I mentioned that it isn't and has been part of the product since at least SQL 2005, and someone asked whether the keyboard...
  • Blog Post: SQL Tuning Webcast

    As promised I'm posting the code we used for doing some of our analysis for tuning SQL Server applications. In today's webcast we started out by assuming we didn't know much about the schema we were working with, so we captured a profile trace of what was running on the server (to simulate the server...
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