Hi all,


I’ve made the CrmDiagTool for CRM 4.0

It’s been a while since I wanted to post this, but I wanted to wait and see if the tool was working fine.

Now that we have tested it during some weeks already, it’s ready to be available on my blog site.


The major difference between v3 and v4 is the tool does not work on the client side.

The reason is because we ship a very similar version of the tool already with CRM Client software (called Diagnostic Wizard)


So, what does the tool in v4?


ü  Microsoft CRM Server

ü  Enable/Disable Platform tracing, Zip the trace folder for you if needed.

ü  Enable/Disable DevErrors

ü  Generate Machine Report

NB: These 3 actions are now separated clearly, the Platform Tracing and DevErrors facilities shows now the current status of the option dynamically.


ü  Microsoft SRS Data Connector

ü  Generate Machine Report


ü  Microsoft CRM E-Mail Router

ü  Generate Machine Report

ü  (Next version will add tracing for the Email service as well.)


What the tool looks like?


CrmDiagTool4 Main UI 


How to run it?


Well unzip the archive on the target server (CRM Server or Router or SRS for CRM).

Double click on the Exe file and select the appropriate target from the drop down list.


NOTE: This tool does not work remotely, it has to be executed locally on the Target server!


Details about the reports:


          CRM Server Report

        System Information

        Environment Variables

        TCPIP Parameters Registry

        Boot.ini Content

        .Net Framework Registration

        CRM Services Status and Logon Info

        CRM Registry Keys

        CRM Installed Files



        Web Sites Bindings

        ApplPool Indentities

        CRM WebSite Authentication

        SQL Server Information

        CRM System Settings

        CRM AD Groups Information

        Organization and Deployment Informations

(retrieve by SDK or SQL queries)


          SRS Data Connector Report

        System Information

        Environment Variables

        SRS Data Connector Installed  files

          %ProgramFiles%\CRM Data Conn


        ReportServer Settings (WMI)

        Report Manager Settings (WMI)

        RSReportServer.config content

        RSSrvPolicy.config content



          CRM E-Mail Router Report

        System Information

        Environment Variables

        CRM E-Mail Router  nstalled  files

        CRM E-Mail Router Service Info

        Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailAgent.Xml content



Where to download it?


Go to the Download Page on the left menu of this blog or click here for a direct download.


Hope you will like it, I spent quite some time on that J



Benjamin LECOQ