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  • Blog Post: CRM 4.0 E-Mail Connector Logger Tool

    Hi all, I’ve just made this tool to easily enable logging for the E-Mail Connector in CRM 4.0 The logging for the connector can be enabled by modifying the configuration file for the service like explained in this article:
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting CRM E-Mail Issues in Microsoft CRM 4.0

    Hi all, After my post about the CRM Router Logging, I wanted to give you some examples about how to use CRM Platform trace and Router Logging to troubleshoot and fix pretty much all CRM E-Mail Issues. - To see how enabling platform trace, please check this article or use CrmDiagTool4 ...
  • Blog Post: How to implement Logging for the Microsoft CRM 4.0 E-mail Connector

    Hi all, Here you’ll not get a tool for once but instructions and demo about how to implement tracing for our Microsoft CRM 4.0 E-Mail connector. In CRM 3.0 we were using Registry Keys to do this but there was not a lot of granularity, we could only trace or not the whole service activity. ...
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