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  • Blog Post: Microsoft CRM Support Tools Download Page

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  • Blog Post: Display CRM Business Unit Organization Hierarchy in a TreeView

    Hi guys, I've see several people and customer requested this feature in CRM. The hiearchical view of BU in CRM is not something provided out of the box and I don't understand why because it could be very handy. The CRM SDK offers the possibility to do this using the RetrieveBusinessHierarchyBusinessUnitRequest...
  • Blog Post: Extending [Logical Users] list in Workflow

    Hi guys, Here is an example about how to call an assembly from the WF manager. This example deals with a request we had from a customer about how to extended the sendmail functionnality in order not to be limited by the [Logical User] list offered out of the box. I have to thank Clint Warriner for...
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