The real date on this is October 24, 2003...

I felt that it was important to blog my adventures of PDC since I have blown out my knee and will need reconstructive surgery (according to my first opinion, and I will be getting a second opinion).  So I am down here on crutches and I wanted to get this all on record so that I could look back on it.

So I arrive at the Airport in SLC and Sky Cap my luggage.  The people there had to make sure that they got the story on how I hurt my knee or what I did to it.  So I indulged them and got my 1 bag set to get on the plane.

I went inside the terminal and made it up the escalator, and got to the security line.  I was asked if I could walk through the metal detector without my crutches, and I declined so I waited for them to wand me.  Which is always fun.  I finished there and went out to find the mobile cart that was to be there to take me to my gate (D6 which was out in left field).  I got on and we made our way to the gate.

I went to the counter and asked if there would be a possibility to get in another seat that I could have my leg out of so that I could be a little more comfortable than in a regular coach seat, as I would not have been able to fit my leg behind the seats.  He arranged for me to sit in the bulk-head seats, so I took it and sat down.

I was invited to go onto the plane early and everything went fine on the plane ride and I got my luggage.  The person that wheeled me to the baggage claim, had a son that had just got in a car accident and her husband earlier this year was in an accident. So she had a lot to talk to me about, and so I listened.  I felt bad for her and her family having to go through these issues and here she is wheeling me to baggage claim.  What a bummer.

So I get in this cab.  Bell Cab to be precise (cab #5699) and we begin.  During the whole cab ride (mostly at first) the cabbie could not stay in the lane and was all over the road.  Occasionally he would almost hit the person in front of us, but I was kind of used to that and dismissed it to LA driving.  Further in the trip, we remained in the HOV lane and as we came around this corner, I thought I noticed that he was weaving again, but our lane was not that wide and had concrete walls on either side.  All of a sudden I hear the wheels scraping very forcefully on the side of the concrete walls, and I gasp.  Then we ended up back in the center of the lane.  I still notice that he is closing his eyes every once in a while during driving.  I wanted to just brain the guy, but was patient for now.  Then as we near the downtown area, I notice that he is still kind of dozing in and out, and then he almost hits someone coming on the side of him, as he wants to change lanes.  They honk, we abruptly halt, and then we proceed after the honker moved in front of us.

We finally get to the hotel (Holiday Inn City Center) and I get into the hotel.  Stephen Dybing has already checked in and I was sharing a room with him.  So as I leave the front counter (on crutches still remember), I go across almost to the elevator, and my right crutch just slides quickly out from under my arm (the floor must have been wet) and I struggle to catch myself so that I do not fall.  OUCH, that hurt's the knee.

I get up to my room and get ready to log in to the internet, that we were supposed to have, and it has not been installed yet, but it was on the website 3 months ago when we booked the room.  So now I do not have internet access and I am composing this offline, I just cannot believe this is happening to me.

We went down to dinner, and I had a Rueben sandwich and it was good.

I forgot a part.  On the way, I called my wife and asked how the concrete work was coming.  We are having our patio poured larger and a sidewalk put in and a shed slab put down so that we can build our shed.  All was going well, except that the driver of the truck, banged into our fence with the cement shute and did some damage, and my brother (who is pouring the cement) started yelling and apparently it became pretty ugly as the cement truck driver started spouting many things.  So I have a broken fence to come home to now as well.

We get back to the room and attempt to find out where the Regional Summit is for our MVP's tomorrow prior to PDC and I found out that when I installed Mappoint, I installed it with the data on the network, so I could not open that up.

All around, we are having a very fun adventure.  Although I hope that tomorrow goes better, since I ordered a Scooter for the conference from Scoot Around Inc and it will be delivered to my room at 8:00 AM in the morning.  So let's hope this goes alright.