It is amazing how many webcasts are on MSDN these days.  I was amazed to find out how many webcasts there were on .NET in this month and last month.  I browsed and searched to find some content and was amazed again to find out how many of my MVP’s there were that put the webcast on.

If you get a chance to watch some webcasts, I believe that you will find some of them to be very good.

My other projects that I have been researching are Sharepoint Webparts using ASP.NET Custom Controls.  This is an interesting venture, but I have found it enlightening and will be building some controls in my spare time (yeah, like who has that), so that I can become more familiar with the process and the way Visual Studio helps in that process.  The Webparts that I am building will interact with Web Services, and that will be an interesting twist as well.

I have been reading many blogs, and working many hours, so I have had very little time to blog, but I will be picking up as a regular at night and early in the morning.