What a drag.  I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon that performed surgery on my knee in November due to a blown out knee playing basketball.  When he went in with the scope last time, he found that I had just herniated the ACL and so he cleaned it up, tested it for strength and decided that it may work if he did not reconstruct it right then.

So I went to him today because my knee has been getting worse and now it hurts to walk and I limp because of weakness in the knee, so I wanted to find out what to do.  I got in there and he told me that we needed to reconstruct it, that it should not be that bad after 4+ months.

So I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday next week to reconstruct my ACL and get my life back to normal.  My only stipulation to the Doctor, was that I MUST be able to attend the MVP Summit during the beginning of April and thereafter attend the ASP.NET Connections in April as well, then in May attend TechEd.  He said that he would have me up easily within 2 weeks or so and doing well at 1 month.  So I am going ahead with it.

All I can say is, This better be the last surgery I have for a long, long time. (knocking on wood)